When liberals in Los Angeles are turning him into the joker.


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There are many things to be said about the wasteful spending in our economic bailout, but behind the “green jobs” (that will cost more than they provide) is something vile. Our lady Pelosi, mind you the third most powerful person in the United States of America, has not created jobs for the people of California, but has demoralized them. She actively, with this money, seeks to destroy that which is good about America.

Mark Kelly from the Heritage Foundation found that, “$50,000 was sent to an initiative called CounterPulse in San Francisco that just sponsored a “Perverts [Sleep Around]” event on July 25, urging people to “Join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun!” Another $50,000 went directly to an entertainment group called Frameline that concentrates on promoting the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community” in the arts.

Over at “San Francisco Cinematheque,” organizers raked in $25,000 to promote documentaries like “Thundercrack,” of which a reviewer writes, “Witness if you dare, the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla.” A company called Jess Curtis/Gravity, Inc. will receive $25,000, presumably to help boost their Symmetry Project, which features nude couples in compromising positions.”

I never thought it true, but maybe there is something to the article which proclaimed, “America Isn’t a Christian Nation!” It is sad when this is what you get from the third most powerful person in a nation that has been so blessed by God.


National pride is a powerful tool for any society, for any government. It can push a country forward or hold it back. If America does not pride, the country itself cannot move forward. If we consistently hear from our leaders that American history is shameful, that what we’ve done is nothing more than filth, why would we be motivated to move that country forward?

Well, if a certain group didn’t want America to advance then they would need to force the American people into a state of self-hatred, they would need to make us believe that what we’ve done, the advances we’ve made are one of two things: they are either not honorable or not ours. This is exactly what Obama and his elk would have the American people believe. From the day he took the oath of office, he has been either apologizing or denying what we as Americans have done. He has said that it was a group of nations who took out the threat of the Soviet Union, which is crap! America and America alone forced the demise of that “evil empire.” Not a group of nations.

The American history is one filled with greatness and honor. We escaped a nation that would silence our freedom of religion, we not only escaped, but we managed to birth the most powerful nation this world has ever known. America developed medicines far beyond that of any other country. The American space program expanded our understanding of the universe; it also had its practical uses like the GPS. And that is just the beginning; we’ve ended countless wars and have given countless dollars towards those in need. America is the shining city on the hill, thousands flee their countr ies in search of a better life here and it’s not because of how despicable we are. It is because of our greatness. I think what America should be most proud of is the fact that we have given others the ability to fight tyranny for the hope of liberty.

So the other day I thought Robert Gibbs had won the “village idiot award” for the year, turns out our new Science Czar is trying to take that title. Radical environmentalists have long wagered that trees have legal rights and should be allowed to go to court to protect those rights. This same feat of insanity has been endorsed by John P. Holdrenn(Science Czar), you know the guy who advises President Barack Obama on science issues. Giving “natural objects” — like trees — standing to sue in a court of law would have a “most salubrious” effect on the environment, Holdren wrote the 1970s.


Muslim Demographics


If any Christian cares about their culture, the one their morals, beliefs, and ideals built you need to watch this video.

The Truth Bucket will be giving away one copy of Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin. If we reach 2,000 followers on twitter, by midnight tomorrow.

Today there was one republican idiot on capital hill, that voted for an unqualified racist. When you call Senator Lindsey Graham give him our regards.


Fleckman from Common Since for a Common Man, has been tweeting the information he has found throughout the 1,000+ page bill, some scary information. It is clear to those here at the bucket and those at Ironic Surrealism this is not about care it is about control.

The little factoid I found extremely scary is located on page 1,028 which says, “States give up some of their State Sovereignty.”

You can find the tweets, here.


Well, here is a little factoid form the intelligent mind of Press Secretary Gibbs, “If I had some DNA, it wouldn’t assuage those who believe he wasn’t born here.” So apparently the man who speaks for the President of the United States of America, believes DNA determines where you’re born. I thought liberal insanity only went so far, but this quote just blew past any idiotic remark I have ever heard.