Yu-Gi-Oh & me.


Yami Yugi & his 'God card' monster: Slifer the Sky Dragon

Yami Yugi & his god card monster: Slifer the Sky Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh is an anime that was on 4kids TV for quite a while. It is also a popular manga as well as a card game. I personally like the anime & the card game. But the truth of it all is: that 4kids & Konami cut the guts not only out of the anime that was shown on television but the card game has been severely censored due to the cards selling to a target audience of 13-19 year olds (& older).

Not only have some of the cards such as Cyber Harpy Ladies & the Dark Magician Girl been extremely censored, but so have the card types themselves been censored for the American people. Konami changed the demon type monsters to fiends, & angel types into fairy’s. Of all things. <.<  I know.. I know.. I shouldn’t let these little things get to me I mean Yu-Gi-Oh! is only a card game (mostly) now & the anime that is on (mostly) that represents Yu-Gi-Oh is Yu-Gi-Oh 5D. Personally I like Juei, who ever 4kids (or whoever is doing it now) got to do his voice? I approve he’s a MUCH better improvement in my mind then who ever did the loser voice for Jaden Yuki. Ugh. I mean no offense to Jaden Yuki fans out there who MIGHT have liked the American actor who did his voice. But in my personal opinion; for Jaden’s American
voice? He’s about as annoying (if not more so) then the person who does the American voice for Naruto: “Believe it!” >.>

I also really enjoyed the first season of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series even though 4kids cut the guts out of it & took out the guns that were apparently in not only Bandit Keith’s hand but in the hands of some goons who were sent to retrieve Seto Kaiba when the Big 5 sent for him during the Duelist Kingdom part of the series. My favorite characters are of course Yami Yugi, Marik Ishtar, Ishizu Ishtar, Joey Wheeler & Mia Valentine.

I hope that those of you who have NOT seen this anime give it’s Japanese counter part a try. I have seen a the Japanese version & trust me it’s a LOT better then the 4kids version is. Though I do like Dan Green who voiced Yami Yugi though through out the series as it aired on 4kids.


5 Responses to “Yu-Gi-Oh & me.”

  1. Bucket O' Truth said

    I have not seen the show, but no one can be more annoying then the American Naruto.. believe it!!

  2. Charmy said

    Just pointing out that Naruto’s English voice actor is a lesbian middle-aged Hawaiian woman. 😛 And I don’t see how anybody could be more annoying, Naruto’s english voice makes my skin crawl.

  3. I remember I used to watch and play YuGiOh… I have a basket of cards under my bed now. I’m gonna sell them… eventually. =P

  4. bollyman said

    I enjoy yu-gi-oh, and have a deck of the old cards. I want to see what happens to Yusei and the satellite when it comes around! I saw the one with the vision at the fortune cup and was surprised by the graphics on the show!

  5. M.T jetlock said

    Well, i have seen some of the american version on a yugioh fan site but i think the voices is fine.
    And i am still playing yugioh.

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