Truth on Roids: Micheal Jackson and the Media



The American Culture of Obsession or The Media masking an Agenda

I want to get this out of the way before I go on Michael Jackson is a great entertainer, no questions asked. But he is not the lord Jesus Christ! I know I am being too harsh; they are mourning the loss of a legend. That is crap. One of two things is taking place America has become a culture of obsession or a liberal media hides an agenda.

During the time we were being bombarded with 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage wars were taking place all around the world, Iran fighting for independence, Tibet yet to be freed from Chinese aggression, North Korea seeking the ability to have nuclear power, Russia demanding that we cut the number of nuclear weapons we have, the U.S. House of Representatives’ passes a bill that puts energy cost for every family at 3,000 plus dollars (all without reading it), the Obama administration seeks to pass a health care bill that would destroy the United States economy.

So I ask which it is. Has America become so caught up in a culture of celebrity that they would rather constantly hear about the death of one man, a man who unquestionable did questionable things with children, a man who was so self obsessed, self absorbed, that he spent millions upon millions on himself, then to see the world that falls around them. Or is it the media taking advantage of the American people. Instead of showing what needs to be shown, they feed an addiction. They not only change the debate, they hide it. The media was once called the keeper of liberty. If we must depend on this vial disgusting show of journalism to keep our liberty, then it is as good as gone.


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