Support the One Who Can Win



I am a Republican. To that affect I am a Christian-Conservative before I am a republican. I have become very saddened by the state of the Republican Party in Georgia. If you know me then you know I have worked for the Cherokee County Republican Party extensively. There are many men and women there I trust, admire, and respect. I am here to say from all I have seen they are abandoning their core principles for someone they say “can win.” This is wrong; you will never choose a good leader this way. My problems are found in two key areas their swaying on the vital issues of our time and on the extreme use of the double standard.

You might ask well what “big” issue have they swayed on? The all important issue of Life, they say abortion is murder, but it is ok in the cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is in danger. If they so believe it’s murder then abortion should never be a “choice.” I know it is a touchy subject (and I as a guy have an even harder time debating this issue) but murdering the innocent, those without a choice in the matter, is wrong. Let us take on the issue of the mother’s life first. If you speak to anyone in the medical community (who isn’t an abortionist) and set up this circumstance they will say it is the Doctors job to do his/her best to save both lives, from there it is out of their hands. Now in the instances of rape/incest it is a little harder. But it is still murder and it’s not ok. That precious young lady has gone through the most traumatic experience any human being could ever face. We as a community must come around that young woman and tell her every day this is not your fault, we love you, and we are here for you. It will be the hardest and most painful nine months of her life, but she will come out better for it, knowing she didn’t kill the innocent in order to solve her problems. She will now live in peace, far from the guilt of killing a child who had done nothing.

Now I want to briefly address their use of the double standard. If a democrat were to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the companies he was regulating, it would be the greatest kind of sin (even if paid back). If a democrat were to customize a Crown Victorian with red and blues and then was caught using it for personal reasons he would be condemned an egotistical/power hungry maniac. If this same democrat was so poor in his job performance that the current Governor had to create a special insurance regulator committee that removed his authority to handle insurance regulations because of lack of things happening under his command, he would be deemed irresponsible and unfit to run the State of Georgia.

The sad thing is this hasn’t come from a Democrat; it has come from the leading republican. All those I trusted, admired, and respected are jumping the ship of Conservatism, and jumping on the band wagon of “this is the man we believe can win.” You will never see another great Governor in office if the real conservatives are written off because we say “they cannot win.”


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