Values and Beliefs Update



Gallup has, in the face of the Sanford affair come out with what they call a Values and Beliefs Update, which was conducted last month. If Sanford or any other politician sneaking of to the Appalachian trail (having an affair), should think twice, because 92% of Americans believe married men and women having an extramarital affair is immoral. If you continue there is a chart that show percentages on topics like gambling, abortion, same sex marriage, and even cloning.

Morality Chart


2 Responses to “Values and Beliefs Update”

  1. Some of those are kinda like “Duh”… But others are definitely on the fence.

    Affairs? Duh, that’s wrong. Gambling? I wouldn’t say it’s morally wrong… just stupid. =P

  2. Bucket O' Truth said

    I think I was thrown by polygamy being more morally accepted. I guess people don’t view it as bad because everyone knows what’s going on, but still.

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