Female Independence, not so much.



After the constant attacks on Sarah Palin and her family I started to think about female independence. I now have to ask, have we as Americans come as far as we would hope? I would say not. By all means we have improved in leaps and bounds. Women now have the right to do things they never thought possible. There is still extreme restraint placed on women as individuals not in the arena of work, but in the arena of thought. If a woman disagrees with abortion, she is not a woman at all. To that effect if a woman shows any independent thought or god help her, a conservative thought she is vial and a traitor to her sex.

I would not  sit here and say it is only conservative women who are attacked. However, I would say the more conservative the women, the more violent the attack. Has a liberal women politician ever been called a slutty stewardess, has a liberal women politician ever endured a rape joke about her daughter, has a liberal women politician ever seen her Down syndrome son’s face mutilated and the posted across the web to be mocked, I would dare say not. Sarah Palin like her or not has endured some of the most disgusting and vial attacks seen in American politics. This is just the breaking point, for a long time independent/conservative women have endured the most vicious attacks, mind you in most cases the attacks aren’t coming from men, they come from the feminist.
Just for the sake of argument here is yet another example in the last year Playboy came out with a list of Conservative women they would like to have hate sex with, was this nasty sadistic writer fired? No! When Elizabeth “Media Lizzy” Blackney dared to ask a question about the motives of Playboy she was silenced (fired). She stood up and she was shut down (by another women), not a word was said by any feminist group.

Furthermore these so called feminist groups sit around and let it happen. I think in the last year of attacks one feminist group came to Sarah’s defense (against the rape joke) and not one group came out against Playboy. So I would ask those who “push” for women’s equality, do so for those with whom you agree and disagree. If you do not champion equality for all women, you fight for an ideology and you should say so.


3 Responses to “Female Independence, not so much.”

  1. Conservative black and women are something the left in this nation cannot understand and will not tolerate. They view them as turncoats and uncle Tom’s. The left is far less tolerant than the right and it shows. Found your site via twitter. Visit me sometime at Totus.

  2. Bucket O' Truth said

    I will do so. Maybe we can do something in the future together.

  3. queenzelda01 said

    Personally I agree with you. As Ron Russel has said the left is very non-tolerable of women who think for themselves. Same can be said for the world around us as well. Just consider this thought a moment. What if a woman chooses not to have children whom is married? Are these women who choose this route terrible because they choose this route? Even her own family may shun her as well as take digs at her for choosing not to have children. This is a sad fact that happens with women in our world now. Women who choose the right NOT to have children even after they are married are sometimes ridiculed, questioned & a lot of times even their own family take digs at them or they even maybe shunned from their own family’s.. I personally think that it’s a woman’s right not to have children if she doesn’t wish it & not her “family’s right” to choose for her. Nor do I think that it’s “society’s right” to question a woman’s decision for this. Yet women who choose this road get treated like this every time they make this choose. So it comes as no surprise that even in politics a strong minded woman can’t even have a mind of her own with out there being consequences as in the case of women in this world whom also decide not to have children. (Sigh) Ah well maybe I’ll live to see the day when strong minded women are revered instead of ridiculed. [And maybe by then pigs will fly too (rofl) x3]

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