The Narcissistic Choice



As we are now a few months into the Obama administration I continue to wonder why. Why did all of these people vote for such an idiot? Is it because the American people are so unintelligent that they couldn’t see what was before their very eyes. No, but I have found the answer.  We now live in a culture that is all about me, but more importantly the perception of who I am to the world.

The people who were hardcore obamamaniacs, they knew very little, if anything about policy. They had reasons it just wasn’t substantive it included what other countries thought, was he hot or not, and the biggest reason he’s black! These are very superficial reasons for voting for someone.

Indulge me just a little longer. So why, why would Americans ignore policy and vote superficially? It is a very simple answer. The United States constitution is so beautifully written that Americans have never really had to follow politics, so they could vote in a more superficial way. Well, Americans will have to pay for that mistake (and not just with their wallets) with Obama implementing “Big Government” policies that could turn this nation into a reflection of Germany or France, with him trying to enforce Government into everyone’s lives, with him punishing success and glorifying failure. This is a mistake our nation dare not soon forget.


5 Responses to “The Narcissistic Choice”

  1. tommonsense said

    I couldn’t agree more. One of the bigger problems is that American people have long since become lazy. When it comes to policies nobody seeks answers for themselves. We just sit back and wait for the media to identify the candidates for us.


  2. Eric Morris said

    Absolutely. I think that is why it is so frustrating as a conservative, because we as a group are so out numbered in the mainstream media.

  3. vn said

    totally agree. still, there is hope. we just need to get back the congress in the mid-term election of 2010 to make it impossible for him to damage the country further.

  4. Zel said

    I think Obama’s Presidency is the biggest dupe & scam in the history of the world! I am daily overcome with a sense of total disbelief that so many people could have fallen for such idiocy. His “blackness” and that there are so many who are “entitlement-minded” are two big reasons. He was the LEAST qualified of EVERYONE on the ticket – even VPs. Absolute LUNACY.

  5. Eric Morris said

    You want to know the biggest farce I hear daily. “You’re racist because you didn’t vote for Obama.” It is so insane, because I am not the one judging Obama on the color of his skin. The ones hurling the insults are the ones who judged him on the color of his skin.

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