Hillary Slams the White House



Hillary Clinton is unhappy with the Obama Administrations over extensive vetting process of the U.S. Agency for International Development she said, “several people had turned down the job due to overly burdensome financial and personal disclosure requirements that she called a “nightmare.” On the topic of Clinton do you think she will step down in 2010? So that she can run for President.


2 Responses to “Hillary Slams the White House”

  1. Godless American said

    You’re taking her quote out of context. The vetting process isn’t only set up by the WH but also by Congress. She said it’s getting worse and worse every administration. Of course it is, fifty years ago no one knew what so-and-so said at a speech ten years before unless they were there. Now, everyone can find out what anyone did and all of those things have to be checked out prior to being posted. Hillary is criticizing the WH, she’s criticizing the vetting process.

    Why would she quit in 2010 to run in 2012? The Democratic nominee is already chosen, that’s what an incumbent is. Do you think she’ll become Independent?

  2. Eric Morris said

    I could see her running on her own, doubt it, but I could see it. The quote isn’t out of context. She has said that she is upset with the Obama Admin.

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