Iran might have Atomic Bomb within 6 Months



Germany’s intelligence agency (BDN) recently made the comment, when speaking about Iran,

“If they wanted to, they could detonate an atomic bomb in half a year’s time,”

I have no idea how closely the Obama administration is monitoring this, but it would be an absolute nightmare for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to have an atomic bomb on his hands. Among many crazy things, he believes the holocaust never happened, and that to bring about the “end of times” he must destroy the little devil (Israel) and the big devil (America). This is something Israel will go to war over, will we back them?


6 Responses to “Iran might have Atomic Bomb within 6 Months”

  1. munzz said

    You are paranoid. Take a chill pill.
    You have to understand Iranian internal dynamic and how they use rhetoric to mobilize masses. They’ll never actually bomb Israel because that is a political suicide. stop listening to Fox News and use your own brain.

  2. Eric Morris said

    I am not paranoid, it is a possibility. If you think Iran cares how they are viewed politically, you my friend are insane.

  3. munzz said

    You have no idea about Iranians domestic dynamics. I lived there for 30 years so I know what I am talking about. They are not driven by ideology. They might seem like they are, but they are smarter than that. They use religion as a tool to mobiliz support in Iran and abroad. When he says “Holocaust didn’t happen” it’s not like he really believes it. He knows it would be appealing to the uneducated ppl in Iran and many other countries.

    Their ultimate goal of this regime and any other oppressive regimes on this planet, is to SURVIVE. they are not going to nuke Israel because it is a political suicide for them. you have to be insane to believe that kind of stuff that comes out of fox news.

  4. Eric Morris said

    I have never heard anyone on fox say that, but that is beside the point. You argument is good and I would concede you would know more about their dynamics if you have lived there. I would say no matter what their dynamics are, it is unquestionably dangerous for someone in such an unstable region, for someone in such an unstable regime, to have that kind of power (it’s dangerous for everyone).

    It has been nice speaking with you, I hope you continue to come back.

  5. munzz said

    That is true I agree about the dangers of them having the technology.

    Also when I say Fox, I dont mean Fox literally, Fox represents a neo-con way of thinking. it is a general term.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Eric Morris said

    Will do. I love political debates, when people can be civil.

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