A New Party



If you haven’t heard, there are floating rumors of a new conservative party, and even Sarah Palin running as that third party candidate. I understand everyone’s frustration, our party screwed up, we got too big for our own good, instead of keeping with our Conservative values the Republican Party became the party of “big government.” We are now in the political wilderness, we don’t have a leader, and we feel we have lost our voice, but we cannot do or support any rash decision.

First of all 3rd party candidates never win. I’m sorry it just doesn’t happen. If the split did take place could you imagine? There would be blood stains everywhere republicans trying to kill republicans (politically), all while the democrats sit back and maintain a united front. It would be a complete disaster for everyone involved. I know your concerns, I hear them, and I have the same ones myself. So you are asking, “What can or should we do?”

I am glad you are so inquisitive, I have the answer, and it is simple, vote! Vote the big-head-republican-rinos out, remove them from office. This is what the democratic process is all about. If we as Americans are unhappy, all we have to do is vote. We remove the idiots and replace them with common sense minded people. You don’t run off creating a new party that will inevitable fail, you vote!

But if Palin is involved it is a whole different ballgame. She is so electrifying that if she had some great organizers willing to sign on, the Republicans better be very nervous. She would automatically half the party, more than likely taking big speakers like Sean, Rush, and Ann with her. If those speakers were behind her, she has the conservatives, and the Republicans have the rinos. In any case it is a nerve raking situation and could ultimately hurt the movement of Conservatism.


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