Why Politics Matter, and Why Christians should Care.



Over the years I have spoken a lot about politics with people from many different backgrounds. It pains me to say the people least interested, the people most distancing themselves from the world of politics are Christians. It makes me downright angry. We as Christians are called to be a light in a dark and lost world. We as Christians have been given an innate ability to discern, what is and what is not true. God throughout the Bible calls us to be leaders.

In Proverbs 29:18 it says, “A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order. Happy are those who keep God’s law!” I ask of all the Christians who sit there and tell me the future of this nation is not of our concern, how will this nation follow the guidance of a holy and mighty God, when his disciples sit silent? America has been a launching pad for some of the greatest mission expeditions this world has ever seen, countless lives have been saved because of the freedom America provides. America’s history is a history of Christianity, you see God’s name on our money, you see his commands at our capitols, he is so deeply embedded, that not even Speaker Pelosi can remove him. Many brave Christian men and women sacrificed their lives to give this world a god-fearing nation, and we sit back and watch it crumble.

When our nation was first built, it was built on Christian morality, so the obvious choice for our economy was a free market (capitalism), but capitalism must rely on people of morality, morality in turn relies on a people of godliness, if those people are silent, if they sit back, the system collapses. I would make the argument that our latest “economic crisis,” is a crisis of morality, because the Church has been passive in American culture. Obama cannot fix this crisis, congress cannot, and china cannot. The only thing that can save this nation is for the church to bow on her knees, before a holy and awesome God, and say in one voice, “save us.” If we do not, America is in a dire situation. Christ alone is the author of freedom, without him, without his guiding hand, our nation will cease being free, socialism will start to creep in, which will be followed by communism, destroying the very thing we hold so dear-freedom.

I know what you are asking, “Why all the doom and gloom?” It is for one reason-the Christians need to wake up; they need to fight for what God has blessed them with. They know truth yet they fear the proclamation of that truth. You can look at so many issues across the spectrum that Christians should be on the forefront of, but they aren’t. They sit there and do nothing; they let the country wither and die. I will bring up one issue, which is abortion, it is a vile act, and it is murder without consequence. Christians sit back every day and let thousands die, without a tear being shed. The facts are on our side, we know what abortion is, but the Church does nothing. Yes it is easier to sit back; it is easier to let women have this choice of convenience. It is probably one of the hardest debates Christians will face, because of the emotion on both sides, but I don’t remember God saying “doing the right thing would be easy.”One day every one of us will answer for this crime against humanity. All I ask is, “Where will you stand?”

Politics matter and Christians should care, because of what is at stake. It is a matter of life or death, it is a matter of liberty or tyranny, and it is a matter of salvation or eternal damnation.

Another Scoop of Truth in this Bucket we call Life – Eric Morris


5 Responses to “Why Politics Matter, and Why Christians should Care.”

  1. Not every Christian has a gift in politics and leadership. See, as much as I care about ending abortion, I hate debating. I cannot stand it one bit. People say I’d make a good one, but I hate it, and I personally think I’m terrible at arguing.

    Taking a large public stand is hard for me to do often times. Sure, once I can vote I will. But I won’t go to a “tea party,” as they were called. Now my dad, on the other hand, will, and he has. He’s been captured in a photo for the news paper holding up a sign that read “Audacity of Socialism”.

    I wouldn’t do that.

    I have different gifts that I can use.

    Although I agree that Christians do need to take a stand, I must say that not all of them are fitted for it. But everyone can have a part, definitely.

  2. Ben O'C said

    I think that God is the foundation of government in more of the John Locke way. God gave us freedom as long as our freedom doesn’t mess up someone else’s freedom. The current economic collapse was also not caused by a lack of morals. It was caused by the Fed’s money pumping. God fits into the market because only with him is the lowest realm of society helped.

  3. Eric Morris said

    I am not saying that people aren’t at fault (like the feds), what I would say to you is, the root problem deals with the morality of our nation.

  4. Hannah Carter said

    I believe it is sad to see the silence every week amongst the vast amounts of churches. However, I think the disconnect that most people don’t see is that just as you would be sad if someone walked into your home and stole something. You should be just as outraged because government is just a bigger extension of our homes and our families. This nation was founded upon the principle of by the people and for the people. While this has been thwarted and perverted over the years, that was the founding principle.

    I do agree that the economy today parallels to people’s lack of morals. Specifically, the lack of integrity.

    I am praying that God would revive the hearts of His church again to get involved because you think Republicans are better than Democrats or vise versa,but because God has a system of government he wants to establish in the earth through His children so that justice can be served and mercy can be shown.

  5. Hannah Carter said

    ok so a few typos in the post.

    The post should say to get involved not because you think Republicans are better than Democrats or vise versa, but because God has a system of government…

    I need to learn to proofread better

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