Barbara Boxer called racist by Harry Alford


After the showdown between Barbara Boxer and Harry Alford, and if you thought all was said and done, you’d be wrong! Here is Harry Alford calling Boxer a racist on the John Ziegler show.


One Response to “Barbara Boxer called racist by Harry Alford”

  1. Tyrone Jackson said

    What a disgrace to the senate this hateful person can we get past this race thing when we have a sitting racist on the ablack veteran married to a white women with mixed race children suposed to tell them they are thought of as equals to white and black when have such a lack of respect shown towards a very smart respected sucessful black man.The woman talked to the gentlemen as he were the houseboy questioning his master.Why didnt she just address him as boy.This was sickening Harry Alford was classy and very composed.A true american patriot.Mrs Boxer on the other hand is just a very hateful person with a hate towards people of color.I guess we havent come that far.Its sad truly sad.

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