Truth Droplet: Why Do We Pay



America has been setup with a representative Government, but we as the electors, we as the employers, are paying for our employees to ignore their job duties. In the “real world” if you don’t do your job, if you ignore your duties, you are fired! We the American people, need to clean house, we need to elect people who will do their jobs and respect their employers.

I think every senator and congressmen, who have not read every bill they have voted yes on, should be fired! How can you represent, your electors, if you don’t even know what you are voting on! This is heresy, it in dangers our freedom, it is what has lead to this soft tyranny.

You think it would be simple, read the bill! Why do we as Americans hire and continue to pay, those whom ignore what they were hired to do?

Another scoop of Truth in this Bucket we call life – Eric Morris


2 Responses to “Truth Droplet: Why Do We Pay”

  1. You have a good point. The problem is simply the fact that politicians have forgotten that they are public servants. Their duties should in no way shape or form be self-serving. America is too complacent to care and they continue to abuse the power that we have entrusted them with. I have been studying this behavior for a long time.

    For instance: Barbara Boxer was in the news recently for demanding to be referred to as Senator rather then ma’am. She said “I’ve worked so hard to get that title…”

    This type of comment shows me that there is a serious problem. Her job is to be the voice of the people not to work for personal accolades.

    There are examples everywhere, but we cannot fight until there are more people that care.

  2. Eric Morris said

    Amen, thanks for the great comment.

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