Dear Mr. President



Dear Mr. President,

I write this letter, in hopes that your eyes will be opened, to what you have done. Your administration has said to its people through bailouts, stimulus packages, and mandated pay, “We the Government know how, where, and when you money should be spent. We will take from you and give to others all in the name of fairness.” There are those in the media who would say, “Those who disagree with Obama (you) are just ignorant-racist-rednecks.” Those people in the media have no idea of whom they speak. They have clearly shown ignorance as to why we fight, and what we fight to protect. They do not understand our founding and they have no understanding of our great history.

Woodrow Wilson once said “Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.”

So, that is exactly why we have held the tea parties. It is to fight against your government, a government who openly chooses before the world to ignore the pleas of its people. You have chosen to show no form of self-restraint or self-control. So We the People – We the People will resist your government and the policies you would enact that would limit our Constitutional liberties.

John f. Kennedy he once said, “On the hope of our free nation rests the hopes of all free nations.”

I would take that quote and say, The freedom and liberty of all nations rest on the survival of America’s freedom and liberty. If the American citizens so choose to let freedom die here, they have unknowingly chosen the same fate for every other free nation. If freedom cannot make it here in America, where can freedom survive?

Men and Women throughout America’s existence have boasted of American greatness. They have shown their love of our freedoms, ideas, and beliefs.

Ronald Reagan once said “The living Americans today have fought harder, paid a higher price for freedom, and done more to advance the dignity of man than any people who ever lived on this earth.”

Today we do not often find this American pride in our civil servants. Mr. President, I do not find this pride in you. Instead they have shown, you have shown, contempt for the American individual and the freedoms we hold; sadly you look more kindly upon socialism, communism, and marxism.

God for some reason has chosen, for all our imperfections, to smile upon our nation and has blessed us with incomparable freedoms. The American people have now come to a day of choosing. The choice is simple which would you rather have liberty or tyranny? I beg and plead on behalf of my generation, choose to fight for freedom, fight for the American individual. If not for your own sake, fight for the sake of future generations, fight for all of democracy; democracy that is now striving or is just now braking free.


One Response to “Dear Mr. President”

  1. vn said

    Eastern Europe became free from communism because of the US. Now Russia again wants to dominate the former Soviet’s block. Will America once again come to Europe’s rescue? Unfortunately, I have my doubts…

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