Truth Droplet: Obama Betrays American Heroes


The Soviet Union posed real threat to the free world. Ronald Reagan rightfully called it an “evil empire”. The only reason why Michail Gorbachev started perestroika was because the USSR was running out of money needed to buy Ameican wheat to feed its population. Slowly, step by step, as a prerequisite to receiving each new loan from the West, Gorbachev was moving the Soviet Union away from the hopeless struggle to rival the US.

In the process of resisting the Soviet Union, many American lives were lost, including in Korea and Vietnam, the communist warlords of which received their weapons from their Soviet counterparts. And now Barack Obama has betrayed them all, as well as the millions of others in Eastern Europe who opposed the communist dictatorship, by telling that the Cold War ended because of the mutual good will of both the US and the USSR (see here). Such statement is not only falacious historically, but, even more unfortunately, demonstrates lack of respect towards the American heroes.


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