The Great Wall Falls



The Great Wall of Obamacare is crumbling before his very eyes into nothing more than Hillarycare part 2. As the Republicans went up against Democrats in this head-to-head battle. Obama, the king himself, stepped down from his thrown and told the American people, “The stars are Aligned.” Well, I guess he and his astrologist were looking at the wrong stars. Today Queen Pelosi and Princess Reid came out and said, “The Senate will not vote on a health care bill until September.” I think it is safe to say, that this is all thanks to you the American people. I would like to point out some key players in this fight, Bobby Jindal (video below), Jim DeMint, Tim Pawlenty, John Boehner, and of course the blue dog democrats that stood up and fought socialism. This is an exciting moment but we as a people cannot let up, we must be consistent in this fight.


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