America the Beautiful



I am tired of people of all ethnic and political backgrounds bashing the back of our country to death. I am so proud of how far we have come, and all the things we have done. This country still for all our flaws stands morally, economically, militarily above all other nations. Our people are more generous and sympathetic to the world needs than any other. Yet, all I hear from people older than I is how awful America truly is.

I do not see where this anger comes from, I see the injustices that America has undoubtedly made in the past, but we have made such great strides in more than fixing and compensating for our moral failures. The people who would read this who hold show hate towards our nation I ask of you, “Please, stop it.” You are teaching younger generations to hate the land in which they live and which they should love.

What happened to teaching American Pride? Have you ever heard of, “love of country?” I am not asking that you do not question our government that would be ignorant and dangerous. I am asking that you teach this generation all the things that are great about America. I am asking you to stop the pure evil un-wavering hate towards this land. What has America done to deserve such hate? I am told again and again that I am just young and naive. I would rather be young and naïve, than to show such contempt for the country that has always tried to do its very best in front of God and man. This is not meant to be an angry political letter it is meant to ask, “Why the contempt and hate for such a great nation?”

Other very common arguments I receive when trying to show the greatness of America is “Eric look at how the world looks at us.” “Look at how they hate us; we must be doing something wrong, we must change”. This is your best arguments, really? You truly make me laugh. I am so sorry; I do not care what France, the vehicle of idiocy thinks of us. Is it not true that when you run ahead of the pack you always have a target on your back? Why are so many people fleeing from their countries to come to ours? If we are so awful, why are people not fleeing from this country? I am convinced that you are ignorant buffoons who follow a mob mentality. You do not have enough intellect to think for yourself. So Please do America a favor shut up or get out!


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