Exclusive: Losing Liberty



After bailouts, stimulus, and mandated pay, you must contemplate the loss of America’s Liberty, and if the American people realize what they are giving up. I believe the small steps of erosion taking place on America’s liberty by the people in Washington will lead to a day when our children ask of us “Why did you not fight for our liberty, why did you not fight for our freedom?”

This, for many Americans, will be a sad day in our nation, when the loss of liberty has enslaved Americans to point of no return. You might say, “You’re overreacting!” You might say, “It cannot be this bad.” If you look at the power Washington now has, the power to take and give as they see fit, it’s scary, like Hitler scary. The worst part is we let them have it, we gave them power that they should not have been entrusted with.

The best way of looking at the destructive actions taking place is to look at government taxation and spending. We must not be so blind to what is taking place, Obama is now thinking about hiking taxes up so much, that some Americans will be giving the Government 60% of their paycheck. Let us look at spending, President Bush presided over a $2.5 trillion increase in the public debt through 2008. President Obama’s budget would add $4.9 trillion in debt. With Barack Obama at the helm, he is spending like Paris Hilton on a binger, he has requested a $3.55 trillion dollar budget. What is the significance of these numbers? It is that as the years roll by we personally own much less of what we rightfully have earned. A significant portion of the money you have earned will be spent by someone else. It is not a thought, not argument, not a question, it’s a fact.

Our great founders looked at capitalism as the vehicle that would drive individual freedom. Our constitution was built to set up a society where we would have a voluntary exchange whether it is goods for goods, service for service, goods for service, or service for goods. Our founders then set up our government where the Federal powers were few and numbered and the states powers were indefinite and numerous. I think if you would take a look at our government today those would be switched.

The legitimate powers for a state in a free society would be protection. This is to provide international and local protection that is to say our government has a constitutional mandate to provide things such as an army, police officers, and fire departments. So in order to have these protections we as individuals must pay our fare share. I am not and would never make an argument to abolish taxation. I am simply making an argument against over taxation. You are constitutionally mandated to pay your fare share of these and other protections. I would ask Washington to take a word from Calvin Coolidge, “Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

I will now quickly speak on the subject our bailouts. You as many might ask how that is intruding on our liberty? There is not one mention in the constitution of the power of loans or a power of charity. Individuals in congress can give as much as they can muster out of their own pockets for these so called “bailouts”, but they do not have the right to give your hard earned money away! Let the free market work things out. Yes people might be hurt by these companies collapsing, but that does not give our government the right to take from one and give to another.


4 Responses to “Exclusive: Losing Liberty”

  1. Weave said

    You’re abosolutly right. This has been something that I’ve been trying to get across to all the liberals at my school that follow the Obama administration because it’s the “cool thing to do” Nobody is worried about the insane amount of power we have let our government have. The high taxes, the bailouts, the proposed cap and trade bill, the restrictions on the second amendment. All are due to a power hungry administration. I’m going to end this with something I tell people all the time and I hope one day people will understand it, “A government trying to disarm it’s people is a government that we should fear.”

  2. Micc said

    Great post, but I must say what weave said at the end of his comment is a power statement.

  3. Zel said

    Excellent article! I think many Obama supporters have no clue as to what “socialism” and “redistribution” mean or realize that most of what Obama does is NOT Constitutionally mandated. Also, what “Weave” said at the end of his/her comment is TRUE. Our Founding Fathers realized the significance of a government disarming it’s citizens!

  4. Eric Morris said

    Thanks for the kind words. I would say what weave said, “A government trying to disarm it’s people is a government that we should fear.” Is very true, I fear what people like Obama and his elk would do, could destroy this country.

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