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The other day I was asked, “What is a republican, democrat, conservative, moderate?” Because I had little time to answer, I just said, “That’s a lot of questions.” The party went on. When it was over, I had some time to think about the question at hand. Republican and Democrat are parties and therefore their descriptions lie in their party platforms, which you might try rooting out in 60+ page documents, with no real meaning at all. The short answers are: Republicans believe in small government, supply side economics (by cutting people’s taxes you change their behavior, they work harder, and produce more), and support moral values of majority of the population (silent majority). The democrats, in short: believe in big government, open behaviorism (you do what’s right for you), and trickle up economics (by giving to the poor, they are less likely to save and therefore more likely to spend, pushing the economy forward).

Those are just the parties, what about the ideologies, the belief systems? In this set you have conservatives, liberals, statists, communists, socialists, and libertarians. It would be nearly impossible for me to break these categories down on a blog. I will instead align them with parties, link, and compare the groups. Statists, socialists, and communists are evil groups who wish to destroy this country and remake it in the image of the Soviet Union. Those three differ in many ways, with socialist and communist being the extreme. The statists, about which many Americans don’t hear often, are the “big government” policy makers like Queen Nancy, Prince Harry, and the one himself Obama, they adhere to this ideology. They comprise the modern Democratic Party. The Democratic Party once was voiced by sane liberals, but now it has been taken over by America hating statists. They, just as the socialists and communists, believe that the government is better at making your life decisions then you are.

The conservatives is what I like to call the happy-middle-ground. Unlike statists, socialists, communists, and liberals (at times), they believe that the Constitution is law, it is not a living breathing document, and cannot be changed, it says what it means, and means what it says. The conservative does not want the government in control of our lives, because the government is too often the problem, not the solution. Conservatives, unlike libertarians (anarchists), know that the government has limited functions: it needs to protect the population against dangerous drugs, needs to keep our borders secure, and needs to defend our independence during wars.


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