What the Stimulus really bought America



There are many things to be said about the wasteful spending in our economic bailout, but behind the “green jobs” (that will cost more than they provide) is something vile. Our lady Pelosi, mind you the third most powerful person in the United States of America, has not created jobs for the people of California, but has demoralized them. She actively, with this money, seeks to destroy that which is good about America.

Mark Kelly from the Heritage Foundation found that, “$50,000 was sent to an initiative called CounterPulse in San Francisco that just sponsored a “Perverts [Sleep Around]” event on July 25, urging people to “Join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun!” Another $50,000 went directly to an entertainment group called Frameline that concentrates on promoting the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community” in the arts.

Over at “San Francisco Cinematheque,” organizers raked in $25,000 to promote documentaries like “Thundercrack,” of which a reviewer writes, “Witness if you dare, the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla.” A company called Jess Curtis/Gravity, Inc. will receive $25,000, presumably to help boost their Symmetry Project, which features nude couples in compromising positions.”

I never thought it true, but maybe there is something to the article which proclaimed, “America Isn’t a Christian Nation!” It is sad when this is what you get from the third most powerful person in a nation that has been so blessed by God.


3 Responses to “What the Stimulus really bought America”

  1. useurpower said

    Welp you did I – you found a pic that makes Granny Nan look more of a lunatic than ever. Congrats! As part of the California Trifecta of Mad Hatters (Pelosi, Box and don’t call me ma’am Feinstein) would you expect more from her than Stimulus for Porn? Having been a Pelosi partisan for years I am shocked. She is crazy as a barn owl and I believe as the Obama admin goes down in flames we will see her completely crack up. I wish I could somehow contribute to that outcome.

  2. The picture is what I would call a happy accident. Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy what we have to say.

  3. Zel said

    Hearty laughter at “useurpower’s” comment. You did find a good pic of “Granny Nan.” I wonder if she ever dons a dominatrix ensemble to accompany the dominion over her well-paid (off) husband & other game-players … won’t go further than that, but she & her followers are pretty twisted. All the sane people should leave CA and then let’s all just see what the outcome of a totally liberal state looks like after 12 mos. – unless we’d turn to salt for looking.
    I think it’s time for the intelligent, rational people of the country (Conservatives) to start thinking about a march on Washington to force the elimination of the liars and con artists like Obama, Pelosi, ETC.

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