Abort a Tree, Make a Science Czar Angry


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This is from the brilliant mind of my 14 year old brother, in response to our new Science Czar making the case that trees have legal rights and should be allowed to go to court to protect those rights. John P. Holdrenn (Science Czar) said, Giving “natural objects” — like trees — standing to sue in a court of law would have a “most salubrious” effect on the environment.


5 Responses to “Abort a Tree, Make a Science Czar Angry”

  1. Awesome! Tell your brother to keep up the good work!

  2. lovewisdom247 said

    This is great!! It definitly shows how backwards we are currently in America where we value an oak tree more than a human being, great comparison!!

    I am going to be posting something later today that talks abou this very same issue.

  3. S. Auffrey said

    Good job. Very sad that it will most likely become the main stream if all of us don’t stand up now.

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