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GoNintendo has this segment called weirdness of the day, and I thought this one was one worth sharing.

Gaming Immaturity


Why is there an air of immaturity that surrounds the culture of gaming?  Why is this great form of entertainment and story telling not commanding the respect it deserves? Well, when the leading voices act immature then the culture of that industry becomes immature, and cannot command respect.

If you read the articles, if you hear the podcast, it is all very uneducated, unthoughtful, there is never a real conversation. With people from ign and 1up (not to mention the lower level organizations) making disgusting jokes right and left, with curse words consuming the conversation, we should not expect the outside audience to see anything more.

I would quickly give this thought, if the gaming industry ever wants the respect that industries like movies and books command, the respect it deserves, then the people who are heard and seen need to shape up, and do so quickly.