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I have been holding off on saying anything substantial about healthcare because it is the only thing we hear about from day-to-day in American politics. Just so everyone knows where I stand, “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams and want all those little poor people to die so that I can use their bodies to fuel my fleet of SUV’s.” Well, that is how the Obama administration sees my views. What I stand for, according to Obama, is actually what I stand against. I am against a national healthcare policy not because I hate the poor, but because I know that every country throughout history that has implemented this kind of “national healthcare” has seen its economy plummet, its healthcare die, and its people gain tyranny and loose liberty. There was once a saying that many people would subscribe to, “If you do not know history you’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.” The modern American not only is ignoring history, but they ignore the current medical problems of countries like Canada and England, these countries have warned America of the problems we will inherit if we implement the proposed reform.

You can read story after story of the horror that comes from a “national healthcare”; men and women just like you and I are denied care because of age and cost. If this is implemented there will be a cutoff age for care, there will be Washington bureaucrats coming between you and your Doctor telling you what procedures your allowed to have. This is, however, what I am least scared of. The most frightening part of a system of this nature is the control it gives the government. We are a nation of laws and once this is implemented the government would have openly spit in the face of our founders while simultaneously burned the constitution in the public square. I would like every American to meet the call of Benjamin Franklin, “I have given you a republic, if you can keep it.” So can we as Americans rise up and fight the socialists on capitol hill? Those, who hide their tyranny behind the fake pleas of the so called “poor”? Can we rip from them the veil of sympathy they hide behind and show the true evil that eclipses, the evil that would enslave our children’s children to a overreaching, overbearing, tyrannical government.

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You work for us



The Great Wall of Obamacare is crumbling before his very eyes into nothing more than Hillarycare part 2. As the Republicans went up against Democrats in this head-to-head battle. Obama, the king himself, stepped down from his thrown and told the American people, “The stars are Aligned.” Well, I guess he and his astrologist were looking at the wrong stars. Today Queen Pelosi and Princess Reid came out and said, “The Senate will not vote on a health care bill until September.” I think it is safe to say, that this is all thanks to you the American people. I would like to point out some key players in this fight, Bobby Jindal (video below), Jim DeMint, Tim Pawlenty, John Boehner, and of course the blue dog democrats that stood up and fought socialism. This is an exciting moment but we as a people cannot let up, we must be consistent in this fight.

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Reagan Speaks Out!


As found on FoxNation, here is a great flashback video from the Reagan era. It really speaks to Reagan’s genius.