Political Rewind: This is a story I wrote around October of last year. It is still something I think is worth reading, so go on, get to it!


Over the last few years conservatism has been slowly passing away. “Why,” was not the question of conservatives. We were wondering, “How?” How can we regain the trust and support of the American people, and how can we stop people from moving over to the Democratic leftist ideas that would doom America to socialism? No one could come up with an answer to this pressing question.

Then John McCain found the  solution: Sarah Palin. The faces of the conservative movement were dead (Reagan) and the present faces (Bush and Cheney) were becoming less and less attractive to many Americans. The Democrats had already repackaged their dirty old tricks, ideas and ideology, which the American people hated. They did that with Barack Obama, a far-left liberal who was presentable to the American people, who could hide his ideology behind charismatic rhetoric. So we were in for a world of hurt, but then, with thundering applause, on Sept. 3, for the second time in history, a pro-life, small government, gun-toting, religion-clinging, Republican star was born.

We, average Americans, we, the conservatives, had hope for America’s future. We have the chance to put someone in the White House who knows what we are about, who knows the pain and worries we are feeling. Palin will not be easily removed from the national stage, because she connects with the average voter unlike any other politician in America today.

This was on full display after the announcement of Gov. Palin as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate. The Democrats in the media started a full scale attack on Palin. They relentlessly attacked her in ways that the American people had never seen before. In the furious fit, they did damage to themselves that neither Palin nor any other Republican could have ever done. They exposed their true media bias to the public. They showed their true colors, and people were outraged. Palin during this time looked more and more like a regular American. The media elite hated it, but the American people loved it. The Palin effect what is it, and how does she connect so well? The answer is simple; it is something America always looks for in a public servant. We want someone that does more than talk. We want someone that will go fight for us. We want someone that will risk political friendships to be on the side of the American people and we want someone that will root out all evil and corruption that is in Washington.

Many people see Sarah Palin as just the person to do that.


If you ask Begala he would give you two thumbs up. I would say he is a liberal idiot bound by his adoration of the Obama administration. It is America so let’s just agree to disagree.


I have been holding off on saying anything substantial about healthcare because it is the only thing we hear about from day-to-day in American politics. Just so everyone knows where I stand, “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams and want all those little poor people to die so that I can use their bodies to fuel my fleet of SUV’s.” Well, that is how the Obama administration sees my views. What I stand for, according to Obama, is actually what I stand against. I am against a national healthcare policy not because I hate the poor, but because I know that every country throughout history that has implemented this kind of “national healthcare” has seen its economy plummet, its healthcare die, and its people gain tyranny and loose liberty. There was once a saying that many people would subscribe to, “If you do not know history you’re doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.” The modern American not only is ignoring history, but they ignore the current medical problems of countries like Canada and England, these countries have warned America of the problems we will inherit if we implement the proposed reform.

You can read story after story of the horror that comes from a “national healthcare”; men and women just like you and I are denied care because of age and cost. If this is implemented there will be a cutoff age for care, there will be Washington bureaucrats coming between you and your Doctor telling you what procedures your allowed to have. This is, however, what I am least scared of. The most frightening part of a system of this nature is the control it gives the government. We are a nation of laws and once this is implemented the government would have openly spit in the face of our founders while simultaneously burned the constitution in the public square. I would like every American to meet the call of Benjamin Franklin, “I have given you a republic, if you can keep it.” So can we as Americans rise up and fight the socialists on capitol hill? Those, who hide their tyranny behind the fake pleas of the so called “poor”? Can we rip from them the veil of sympathy they hide behind and show the true evil that eclipses, the evil that would enslave our children’s children to a overreaching, overbearing, tyrannical government.

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Muslim Demographics


If any Christian cares about their culture, the one their morals, beliefs, and ideals built you need to watch this video.


If we really want to dive into this article, we are going to have to look back. During the last presidential campaign, Obama steamrolled himself ahead of the pack, for a few key reasons, which are race, media, and marketing.

I want to take a quick look at the first two, and the reasons why they won’t be such a factor in the election of 2012. Race was a big deal in 2008, for many Americans, many whites and blacks voted for Obama, for this one purpose. The whites because they felt this would amend the sins of the past, the blacks because they felt this was their time, and a president who looked like them, would somehow make that official. Well, it hasn’t made a difference on either side. The whites, who for some reason, feel bad for the sins of others, are still being tormented by people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. On the other hand, the “black community” (for the most part) is coming to the realization that most Americans do not, and have never looked at them, as the “black community”, but we just look at them as Americans. Democrats for the longest time have held these Americans in group called “the black community,” but now that these individuals see that conservatives don’t have a problem with “the black community”, that they only have a problem with liberalism; it will be a completely different field to play on by 2012.

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In the latest turn of events in this circus we call “the media” the Washington Post editor (Cathy Areu) proceeded to say, “She probably would want to say, ‘Not only do I mean a wise Latina, I meant any Latina could make a better decision than a white man could.'” When talking about the remarks made by Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.


As you know, the Obama administration is always trying to find new and creative ways to punish the American people. Well, they have, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told the American Chamber of Commerce that, “It’s important that those who consume the products being made all around the world to the benefit of America — and it’s our own consumption activity that’s causing the emission of greenhouse gases, then quite frankly Americans need to pay for that,” He sadly went on the Global-warming-nazi stump saying if America did not lead the way, we would face a “catastrophe” in the form of floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.


This weeks cartoon of the week comes to us from townhall.com



America has been setup with a representative Government, but we as the electors, we as the employers, are paying for our employees to ignore their job duties. In the “real world” if you don’t do your job, if you ignore your duties, you are fired! We the American people, need to clean house, we need to elect people who will do their jobs and respect their employers.

I think every senator and congressmen, who have not read every bill they have voted yes on, should be fired! How can you represent, your electors, if you don’t even know what you are voting on! This is heresy, it in dangers our freedom, it is what has lead to this soft tyranny.

You think it would be simple, read the bill! Why do we as Americans hire and continue to pay, those whom ignore what they were hired to do?

Another scoop of Truth in this Bucket we call life – Eric Morris