Why Obama Can’t Win in 2012



If we really want to dive into this article, we are going to have to look back. During the last presidential campaign, Obama steamrolled himself ahead of the pack, for a few key reasons, which are race, media, and marketing.

I want to take a quick look at the first two, and the reasons why they won’t be such a factor in the election of 2012. Race was a big deal in 2008, for many Americans, many whites and blacks voted for Obama, for this one purpose. The whites because they felt this would amend the sins of the past, the blacks because they felt this was their time, and a president who looked like them, would somehow make that official. Well, it hasn’t made a difference on either side. The whites, who for some reason, feel bad for the sins of others, are still being tormented by people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. On the other hand, the “black community” (for the most part) is coming to the realization that most Americans do not, and have never looked at them, as the “black community”, but we just look at them as Americans. Democrats for the longest time have held these Americans in group called “the black community,” but now that these individuals see that conservatives don’t have a problem with “the black community”, that they only have a problem with liberalism; it will be a completely different field to play on by 2012.

Now we look at the media, during the election, and the longest honeymoon period ever, the media has absolutely fallen for their boy-toy Barrack Hussein Obama, the man that can do no wrong. I have but one thing to say to the establishment media, “Times are changing!” During the election we got many glimpses at this, papers losing readership, having to a hire a more moderate editor. It was a sign of the times, as it is said. See there is this little thing called the internet, it is where most people are already getting their news, and if one outlet is too liberal, too conservative, or too moderate, people just leave. They choose the source that fits them. They no longer have to suffer with the incredible bias of the “establishment media”, and it is just beginning, by 2012 places like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC, will have collapsed or changed, but they will not stay as is, leaving Barack without his firm grip on the national media.

Ok, boys and girls here is the reason B. Hussein Obama cannot, will not, win in 2012. His “it” factor will be all but dried up, long gone in the winds of policy. You see, during the 2008 campaign, Obama hid from real questions, about what he would do, how he would do it, and when it would be done. Well, we now know, everyone one of us would have seen his “hope and change”, his change being the transformation of a democratic society, to one of “big government”, his hope being hope that is given to those who fail and continually do so, and ripped from the successful, and those who are trying to succeed. Remember the election of 2008, rode on the persona that Obama and the establishment media created, that will be gone, due to actions not rhetoric. The election of 2008 was based on Obama looking to the future, but the election of 2012 will be based on America looking back at what Obama has done not said. Another Scoop of Truth in this Bucket we call Life – Eric Morris


4 Responses to “Why Obama Can’t Win in 2012”

  1. Laurie Bailey said

    Great article!

  2. Eric Morris said


  3. S. Auffrey said

    Good job Eric

  4. AngryAmerican said

    Demand an Article V Conference NOW and protest the 750 rejections by Congress -> http://www.article-5.org/

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